Beautiful puppies and great breeder

We just picked our Victorian Bulldog puppy up on December 20th. It was the same day that they had their 8 week Vet appointment, and received their 8 week shots. I had prepared myself that with the puppies still being so young that our puppy would be completely untrained on everything and would take some time to potty train. I was pleased when I arrived to see that all of the puppies were being cared for in their house. I was also very pleasantly surprised when I got him home and noticed that he’s almost completely potty trained already. He rode the entire 2 hour drive with no mistakes. He’s still too small to get up and down the stairs going out of my house but we carry him down the stairs and he goes potty immediately outside. For the most part, he sleeps entirely through the night, with the exception of 1 potty break per night, and has not gone potty inside once overnight. He is so well behaved. My wife, I, our boys and our other dog absolutely love him. I would definitely recommend them if your looking for your next family member.

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