Beautiful pups

The pups from BBB are adorable and sweet as could be!

Lovina Lehman

Roscoe aka Jingles

Roscoe is a kind soul. He enjoys the outdoors, camping, riding in the side by side, taking walks, chasing butterflies and moths never hurting them, just loves playing with them. He loves people and other dogs. He is good boy. He loves to snuggle and to play catch. He loves his pool and to play with the hose. We are so blessed for Bountiful Blessing Bulldogs. Roscoe is a perfect addition to our family. Thank you!!



We got our little Bean in August 2023. His name was Uncle Sam 🙂 My kids called him Bean in the car on the way home and that was it! I have never dog like this guy. From the first day, so smart practically already potty trained. I mean now he watches me and gives me the eye when I take him out to potty… if I’m looking lol. But what I need everyone to know is it makes such a difference having a dog raised by such an amazing family . From parents, to their kids, the love was definitely instilled in this dog. He is so obedient and intelligent, it really blows my mind. He is like my tiny human, my third child. His personality is incredible. So happy. I recommend these breeders to everyone!

Rene Oliver

Two peas in a pod

We love our first dog from this family so much , we got a second. Winston needed a buddy. So here comes Matilda.They get along so great. She is a wonderful dog and my girls love her. Best pet therapy ever. Such a little lady. This family truly cares about their dogs and I highly recommend them.

Michelle Cruz

Family business

What a pleasure it was to work with Devon, and his knowledge and time he took to answer all questions was appreciated. This family business is ran with love and care for these precious puppies.

Richard Mendoza

Wonderful People and Puppies

We had a wonderful experience getting our puppy. The people are so kind and are very reliable. Our puppy Patrick was such a blessing to our family. He is such a sweet loving member of our family. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good loving puppy to get one from here.

Sabrina Ouillette

Beautiful puppies and great breeder

We just picked our Victorian Bulldog puppy up on December 20th. It was the same day that they had their 8 week Vet appointment, and received their 8 week shots. I had prepared myself that with the puppies still being so young that our puppy would be completely untrained on everything and would take some time to potty train. I was pleased when I arrived to see that all of the puppies were being cared for in their house. I was also very pleasantly surprised when I got him home and noticed that he’s almost completely potty trained already. He rode the entire 2 hour drive with no mistakes. He’s still too small to get up and down the stairs going out of my house but we carry him down the stairs and he goes potty immediately outside. For the most part, he sleeps entirely through the night, with the exception of 1 potty break per night, and has not gone potty inside once overnight. He is so well behaved. My wife, I, our boys and our other dog absolutely love him. I would definitely recommend them if your looking for your next family member.

Vance Pruden

Much more than a breeder!

We just added Beau (aka Chief) to our family. Emphasis on the word family, as this is where the Lehmans are truly wonderful. We were careful and selective as we wanted a puppy who had already been introduced to a family dynamic and was going to be receptive to love. We knew immediately upon arrival we would leave with a puppy as it was clear that these weren’t just dogs but all, including the parents were family members. The puppies were all very socialized, clean and playful, as were the older dogs. Beau barely missed a beat in his transition and has been the easiest puppy we have ever had.

Jaime Timmins

Good Experience

We got our Victorian Bulldog from the family earlier this year. Good experience with the breeders and they were extremely transparent. The Victorian breed is not familiar by most and everyone is always guessing what he is. About 6 months old weighing in at 36lbs. Guessing he will be every bit of 70lbs. Wouldn’t trade him for anything!

David Simmons

Great experience

Can’t put into words how grateful we are for our pup Orion (Flint). We were a bit nervous going into the process because the distance between us and the Lehmans, and I had never gotten a dog I didn’t go and see before picking up. The Lehman family was great! Sent us additional pictures, and were super easy to talk with about all of our questions. The transportation service they use is fantastic and made everything so easy. When our pup showed up on our doorstep you could see how much they care for their dogs. He has been great with our children, and the best addition to our family! Thanks Bountiful Blessings for everything.

Tj Hough

So happy with my baby

My name is Heather and I found my old English Heather while surfing the internet. So glad I found her!!!! She is the most lates back puppy! The experience of picking her up was made so very smooth. I was able to spend time with her before deciding if she would work with our family. Wonderful people to work with!

Heather Hopwood

Love My Boy (Rooster)

I absolutely love my pup. He loves everyone! It was such a great experience working with his breeders; such a beautiful family! I can’t say enough great things about them or my puppy.

Kara Nicole

Beautiful healthy puppy

We adopted our puppy Winston from This family. They were very kind and accommodating to our schedule. They are a great family and have nice accomodations for their dogs. Their puppies are well cared for and we couldn’t be happier with our little man Winston who is not so little anymore. He’s been a great addition to our family. He’s definitely all bulldogge and has a stubborn streak but that’s normal for this breed.

Michelle Cruz

Wonderful Family and Puppies!

Bountiful Blessing Bulldogs has been such a blessing to our family! We were looking for a puppy to raise up to work with our daughter who has disabilities, and Devon and his family worked with us to find the right puppy for our daughter’s needs. We had been looking for quite some time, and Devon and family took the time to find the right puppy for our needs. We adopted our puppy “Monty” from them, and could not be happier! You can tell this breeder took the time to make sure each puppy is well-rounded and ready for their new home. I will definitely recommend Bountiful Blessing Bulldogs to anyone looking for a healthy, happy puppy.