Welcome To Bountiful Blessings Bulldogs

My name is Devon Lehman along with my beautiful wife Lovina and 4 amazing kids! LeAnna Faith is our oldest and our only daughter. We have 3 boys – Ryan Duane, Tyler Al and Michael James. We feel very blessed that we get to live out in the country on a very beautiful 52 acre hobby farm. We have some beef cattle and a few Jersey milk cows. We have horses, chickens, cats and of course our favorite….Dogs! 

You might realize by now that we really love animals. Our vision here at Bountiful Blessings Bulldogs is to raise and sell the most beautiful, happy and healthy bulldogs as we possibly can! 

It all started with a dream my wife had as a little girl in school. She has had a dream to raise dogs since she was 10 years old so finally, in 2020, we got started on our journey of becoming reputable dog breeders. If you have a dream of doing something in your life, don’t give up because this has gone way beyond our expectations. 

We did not know which breed was right for us so we started doing some research and we found the Olde English Bulldogs and we have been in love ever since! We wanted a dog that is a great family pet and I can’t tell you enough how grateful we are that we found this breed because they are truly amazing! Their personality is absolutely amazing! They are loyal companions, great watch dogs and they have the perfect combination of lazy and playful. These dogs absolutely love kids and will usually connect with the kids before the adults.

We, as a family, spend a lot of time with our dogs and our puppies so all the pups are very well socialized when they for to their forever home! All of our adults are genetic tested and clear to assure you that you are getting a healthy puppy! Each pup will have all their age appropriate shots, vaccines and will come with a 1 year health guarantee. Each one of our pups will have a health check from our veterinarian when they are 8 weeks old. They will also be microchipped and will come with a goodie bag.

We have a nice quiet room for our moms to have their pups. It has in floor heat so our newborn pups are nice and warm and an A/C so the moms are comfortable as well. Our kennel is climate controlled and all of our dogs know how to use a doggy door so they can go outside whenever they want to. We clean the puppy pens everyday, wash and disinfect the kennel every week. 

I get to do the paper work and Lovina takes care of snuggling the babies 🙂 Our kids get the credit on how well the pups are socialized. They help with the chores everyday and part of that is…. you guessed it, play with puppies. When we first started retailing pups, it was kind of challenging for us to let go of these pups because we became so attached to them by the time they were 8 weeks old but we discovered that the most rewarding thing about being a dog breeder is to see the smile on the face of a happy customer.

We get to be a part of a lucky kid’s birthday surprise and whole lot more amazing stuff. We love to meet the people and make new friends. We want to be a part of your journey of adding a new addition to your family before and after you buy a pup from us.

We will try to answer all of your questions that you have to make it as easy as possible for you to decide on a new pup for you and your family. Our goal, as a breeder, is not to have the perfect colors or the most expensive pups, but to have a happy-healthy pup with an amazing personality so you are getting much more than a cute little pup! We feel very safe with our kids interacting with our pups and the parents and we want you to be able to do the same. 

All of our pups will be exposed to a lot of different activities to reduce stress and to help with socialization. They get to play with other puppies, cats and will also be introduced to our house, stairs, our yard and a lot of different toys. We let them experience all of this stuff before they are 8 weeks old so that we are comfortable that they will adjust to their forever home where that may be.

God bless you all!

Bountiful Blessings Bulldogs